To avoid any confusion… Although it may seem like it, S&M has little to do with kinky 50 shades of something stuff. In fact S&M are the initials of Susan and Markus.
We are a creative photography team based in Germany specializing in capturing the various facets of latex clothing. Our work is focused on carving out the fashionable aspects of latex with a touch of fantasy every now and than. 
Fun Facts about S&M
•  If spotting Markus in a long-sleeved shirt, take a's a rarity of opportunity
•  Susan never sings while taking a shower because she is afraid to scare off the water 
•  We are avid coffee connoisseurs
•  If able to choose a super power, Susan would be Elastigirl (who would have thought of it...)
•  Regarding his love for both Pizza and Lasagna, Markus could be a hybrid between a Ninja
   Turtle and Garfield
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